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Why Choose Us ?

We combine the competitive Pricing and Quality. This unique combination gives our customers the best of both worlds.

We’re proud to offer an outstanding manufacturing service fit for now. Here’s a summary of why you can rely on our services.

Very competitive prices.
High quality, extremely low cost tooling.
Reliable product quality overseen by our own engineering and quality personnel.
Our own warehouse and distribution network.
Design and prototyping capabilities

But ACEROS does not only produce spare parts. About 10% of its spareparts are for international original equipment manufacturers, these being the most demanding customers in the market.

CNC Miling Machine

High precision CNC
Cutting Process by Milling Cutter

About Us

We have been supplying heavy equipment parts to customers worldwide. With our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service, we became a leading parts supplier in the industry and helped us become a top supplier for many OEM dealers, wholesalers, as well.

Address: Calle Del Tejo , 18
28045 , Madrid - Spain.
Email: information@acerostech.com

ACEROS Tech Solid Metal